For a homeowner, our focus is to give you valuable help in planning your home renovation. It doesn’t matter if the project is to be done all at once or over several phases.

Think of the project as a trip. Sure, you can just fly off and figure it out as you go, but chances are you would have a better time at a lower cost if you plan your trip beforehand. The same applies to a home renovation. Taking the time to determine exactly what you want to construct will not only save you time, it will save you money.

Too many times changes need to be made midstream of a home renovation or a remodel. The result would be something far different than what you intended and far costlier. You will definitely have a better experience by making decisions early and not changing things in the midst of construction. At Home Design Consulting, we offer practical assistance at the beginning stages of your project.

Home Design Consulting will help you nail down the essentials before you commit to a contractor or spend a dime. After detailing your design, you can present it to contractors, cabinet builders, and all subcontractors to get an estimate of their costs. If you invest up front in a home design that gets the floor plan and essential elements right, you can always upgrade to luxury surface materials or appliances later. Also, a clear home design plan can speed up construction time since there is no ambiguity what the end result should look like. Construction delays and unclear communication will cost YOU money.


Pre renovation Kitchen Front View
3D Rendering Kitchen Front View
Renovated Kitchen Front View
Pre renovation Kitchen Corner View
3D Rendering Kitchen Corner View
Renovated Kitchen Corner View

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